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Holy shit, i did it! Dear hair unicorns please let the hair last all night.

Holy shit, i did it! Dear hair unicorns please let the hair last all night.

There are some seriously fucking dry archaeology articles happening to me right now. I shoulda picked the cave art topic.




People seem to think I’m a bad person but nobody remembers that time I saved a baby bunny from some cats.

Obviously I’m a faultless paragon of virtue all who disagree are wrong.


I need to be tranquilized immediately.




If you won’t sing “Living’ on a Prayer” or “Mr. Brightside” at the top of your lungs with me, I do not need you in my life.

This also applies to the following (but is no necessarily limited to):

- Barbie Girl
- Wannabe
- Everybody (Backstreet’s Back)
- Quit Playing Games With…

We so should have gotten Rock Band out when the boys were board gaming!



If you won’t sing “Living’ on a Prayer” or “Mr. Brightside” at the top of your lungs with me, I do not need you in my life.

This also applies to the following (but is no necessarily limited to):

- Barbie Girl
- Wannabe
- Everybody (Backstreet’s Back)
- Quit Playing Games With My Heart
- I Wanna Sex You Up
- All TLC songs
- Candy
- Baby One More Time
- Pour Some Sugar On Me
- I’ll Make Love To you
- End Of The Road
- Always Be My Baby
- Step By Step
- Wanted Dead or Alive
- You Give Love A Bad Name
- Scar Tissue
- Teenage Dirtbag
- Push It
- Shoop
- Welcome to the Jungle
- Sweet Child o’ Mine
- Ride Wit Me
- Under The Bridge
- Anything from Destiny’s Child
- Insane In The Brain
- Lowrider
- Jump Around

Bonus friend points if you can sing along to:

- Any songs of Tool’s Aenima album
- Bloog Sugar Sex Magik
- Skinny Love (the Bon Iver one ONLY not covers)
- Black (Pearl Jam)
- Anne (Santogold)
- West Coast
- Every You, Every Me
- Pure Morning
- Renegades of Funk
- Any The Mars Volta songs

You know where the door is.


A few more photos from the iPhone 6 launch today - Tom loves his phones, that’s for sure. :)

I love how you often see him touching Charlotte. Not necessarily blatant hand-holding, but her back, or her arm, or her hair, when they’re just doing stuff out and about or at events.

I like that. Don’t ever stop touching your partner, no matter how you’ve been together and how routine things are, if you know they like it don’t ever fucking stop.


NAGRON - Spartacus: War of the Damned - Hands in the hair [1]

Yes I am counting moments like from their reunion scene in 309 and at times when they kiss (ex. GIF#4). Fingertips in the hair is close enough. xD

Um, this is very attractive.

princessmarshmallow asked
That post is getting huge, I'm not reblogging it again. I will say that I wasn't being condescending of the show writers. Trixie didn't get forgiven until her second appearance, Gilda hasn't had that chance. Unless she appears in another episode and is given a chance to show these traits you firmly believe she has, I have to take what was presented to me and assume she's just a jerk for no reason. I really like Gilda, and I hope she gets a chance to come back, learn, apologize, and be forgiven.


If you’re saying she’s a jerk for no reason, you’re saying that the writers are bad at their jobs. They’ve proven with EVERY other character that their motivations and personalities are complex. The idea that Gilda is the ONLY CHARACTER IN MLP CANON to just be jerk for no reason is ridiculous. Every character, from Applebloom to Zecora and every letter in between has a deep enough personality that you can believe their actions were motivated by something.

Why is Gilda the ONLY character who is just bad? Why is Gilda the only character who has no reason for being mean, she’s just a two dimensional caricature of what being mean looks like. 

Look even at the other villains. Sombra was warped by dark magic and greed, chrysalis was a monarch and leading her people, nightmare moon desired power and revenge, Tirek is  A BEING OF PURE EVIL WHO HUNGERS FOR GODHOOD, Trixie is narcisistic and selfish with a vendetta, discord is CHAOS INCARNATE AND STILL GOT REDEEMED.

The writers have be teaching us to treat every one of their characters as a three dimensional creature with thoughts and motivations. so it is completely contradictory for them to suddenly give us a character who seems mean at first, and then tell us not to ask a single question or try to understand them at ALL.

When a friend starts acting weird the first thing you should do is ask why, not condemn them. I hope Gilda gets another episode, but not for redemption. She should come back and be treated like a real person this time by her friend who, again, is the ELEMENT. OF. LOYALTY. And let them work out their problems like reasonable people. I would even be fine if it turns out that gilda is just a stone cold bitch, but only if they EXPLAIN WHY. 

Yes to all that.

Pretty much no one is ever a jerk for no reason. Ever. Even if they say “I don’t know why I’m doing this/did that/want to do that”, there’s a motivation behind it, but of course it could be one they themselves are not consciously aware of at that point in time.

Pretty much every single person will have examples of this from their own behaviour, if they really think about it and are self-aware enough.

Slapped in the face by a memory

Just saw a post about oak trees/acorns on my dash and so now:

When I was in new entrance (that’s age 5, first stage of primary school) there was an area behind the junior school classrooms that had at least one oak tree, and some smaller trees. Under these was a big patch of dirt that was worn concave because of years of kids playing house on it. The acorns would fall and we’d collect them up as our fake food source. I remember picking at them to get the tops off. I also remember using small, fallen oak branches that had leaves attached as a broom.

Playing house was one of the best times I had at school. I was PAINFULLY shy as a child (I still am at times; socialising is hard) and absolutely hated leaving my mother to go, but I liked those trees and I liked those acorns. And I liked it when my brother came over from the college (high school) across the road to check on me.

Oh wow, now I’m gonna cry. I love my family. Sometimes you just get slapped with all the feels, and today is gonna be one of those days, I think.

My brother and I spent from the time I was about 11 until I was maybe 16 at loggerheads, and I spent a lot of time as a young teen strongly disliking him. We just clashed so very badly, at every possible junction. There’s a 10 year age difference, and he had a drug problem. I thought he should be the mature one and not be mean, but of course now I understand WHY he was the way he was, and why I was the way I was. I was depressed and anxious all the time, and he was depressed and anxious all the time, but he dealt with it different. I was over-sensitive (and still am sometimes) and he had speak-before-thinking issues (still does sometimes). He was mean to our mother. Everyone was mean to our mother. I was her protector. Being her protector is what had taught me to be assertive and also protective of others, especially those who have difficulty using their own voices assertively. This does not necessarily translate to being assertive for MYSELF by the way - I hate conflict and will usually avoid it when it comes to sticking up for myself, as terrible as that is (I’m working on it though).

Anyway, now that my brother and I are BOTH adults, we are actually friends now. I respect him (and respectfully disagree with his political views, ahem). He is a wonderful father, step-dad, partner, and soon-to-be husband! I’m so happy he made it through his rough patches and came out the other side better off each time, instead of fucked up. He is intelligent, he is fun, he is tidy*, he is caring. I love him.

*I know that is ridiculous to even mention but I really respect men who like things tidy and organised because it seems so rare? It’s probably more that it’s rare with most of the men I know, and certainly with all those I have been in relationships with.

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This looks like your cup of tea: iconosquare(.)com/p/809174057893307084_1008143 XD


Awwwwwwwwwwwwwww. How cute is that???

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So far I don't feel like Gilda is best pony. Does she get less douchey?






Gilda did nothing wrong. Dash is an unloyal bitch and pinkie is a stupid jealous asshole.

I project some of my childhood issues onto Gilda because it’s a perfect fit, and having been that kind of person I can say with confidence that almost all the blame lies on the ponies.

I don’t know about you but when a childhood friend shows up and seems to be acting suspiciously on edge, my first instinct is to NOT BLOW THEM OFF FOR YOUR NEW FRIEND YOU SEE EVERY DAY.


Like let me break down the episode from Gilda’s perspective, with a bit of my own experience to fill in the gaps.

Gilda shows up out of the blue to visit what seems to be her closest and ONLY friend. Gilda tries to spend the day hanging out, and seems to have some issues she’s dealing with, people don’t act bad without reasons. Seeking out an old friend is a sign that Gilda needed to talk to someone.

Rainbow Dash. Element of LOYALTY. Blows Gilda, her oldest friend, off completely in order to give attention to Pinkie. Pinkie of course, is acting like a stuck up attentionwhore, constantly antagonizes Gilda every chance she gets, and then when Gilda snaps and tells her to BACK THE FUCK OFF FOR JUST ONE FUCKING DAY, Pinkie decides “ah ha, see, Gilda was mean to me, that means she’s a bad person.”

After that, gilda does 3 “bad” things. I use quotations because they’re not that bad. She stole an apple. whoopdeedoo, when alladin steals bread he’s a hero, Gilda steals what might have been her first meal in who knows how long, she’s a monster. Next up, she plays a prank with her tail, which Pinkie Pie, THE FUCKING PRANKMASTER WHO DOES A BUNCH OF RUDE ASS HARMFUL PRANKS TO EVERYONE, decides is “going too far”. and finally, she yells at fluttershy. or rather, in Gilda’s perspective. “Some stupid yellow bitch is walking BACKWARDS down the MIDDLE OF THE FUCKING STREET and SLAMMED INTO ME LIKE AN ASSHOLE”. I mean yeah, Gilda could have been polite, but if someone slammed into me while I’m just trying to walk I would be pissed, and we’ve established that Gilda HAS ISSUES.

Finally, and this is the most important part of her character abuse, is the fucking party. and to really explain why this is terrible I’m going to give a quick diagnoses of Gilda’s issues because they really mirror some stuff I used to go through. 1: Gilda has the serious need to seem “cool” and aloof. This is a social anxiety, it’s fear of being ridiculed or made fun of. Embarassment for these people is the worst torture and can make them break down in tears or have a panic attack. it’s horrible. 2: Gilda is a little paranoid. She felt like Pinkie was stealing Dash from her, which is a little crazy to assume so soon. She was 100% right, but still, it’s a sign of paranioa. the feeling that people are out to get you. you can start to misinterpret any gesture as an attack on you. and finally 3: It’s a mixture of the first two, it’s fear of crowds. not a phobia, but a horrible lost feeling when you’re in a crowd of strangers. you’re paraniod and scared and you need to feel in control and “cool” but you’re so scared and get kind of hateful of these strangers.

So keep those things in mind as we explore what happens at the party.

Gilda is invited by THE PERSON SHE THINKS IS ATTACKING HER to a party FULL OF STRANGERS and the only reason she agrees to go is because she knows DASH, ONE SINGLE PERSON TO MAKE HER FEEL COMFORTABLE IN A CROWD OF (in her mind) PONIES THAT DON’T LIKE HER.

And then what happens? Pinkie starts playing headgames with her, egging her on and acting like a cocky bitch. THEN THE PRANKS START. SHE GETS SPLASHED STICKY PUNCH, FED INCREDIBLY PAINFUL HOT FOOD (interesting trivia, birds actually can’t taste spicy food, so that ones weird but whatever) FUCKING ELECTROCUTED, SENT FLYING AROSS THE ROOM TO SLAM INTO  TABLE. AND WORST OF ALL, THE WORST POSSIBLE THING YOU COULD DO TO THIS TYPE OF PERSON.


And what does she do? After being beaten, poisoned, electrocuted and embarassed? She snaps, and instead of hurting anyone, instead of doing anything that bad. she turns to her one, single, friend. and asks her for help.



And then Gilda, after having her friend stolen by that pink bitch, after being abused and embarassed and laughed at by strangers. after not even getting a few minutes to just talk one on one with her friend. Every single thing she was paraniod about turned out to be true. her whole world came crashing down and she’s running away, with nobody to talk to about the issues she CLEARLY HAS. After all that shit happened what did she do? Leaves. just leaves.

To put this in perspective, Every single one of the mane six ponies has seriously hurt ponies, friends, family and strangers alike. Has almost or actually succesfully destroyed the towns. Has betrayed their friends, lied, cheat, stole, used dark magic, used mind control, abandoned everyone, etc etc. just because they were having a bad day, sometimes not even then. sometimes they fuck up that badly just because it’s a character flaw. and every time they fail the only way they manage to pull them selves back together and fix the problems?  BECAUSE THEIR FRIENDS CAME TOGETHER AND HELPED. 

So does that explain why I don’t call Gilda’s behavior douchey? Gilda had probably the most traumatic possible day for her, and she barely did a thing wrong beyond having some behavior issues that COULD HAVE BEEN DISCUSSED AND GOTTEN HELP FOR. but what does the perfect friendship brigade do? BANISH HER BECAUSE SHE’S A MEANIE. HEAR THAT PRINCESS SUNBUTT? TODAY I LEARNED THAT IF YOUR FRIEND IS EVER MEAN TO YOU, BANISH THEM FROM YOUR LIFE. DON’T EVEN FUCKING ASK WHAT’S WRONG, JUST KICK THEM OUT AND TELL THEM THEY SUCK.

What’s even worse is that the Bab’s seed episode was literally the EXACT same scenario except bab’s behavior was a million times worse and completely uncalled for, but the moral of that episode was IF SOMEONE IS ACTING MEAN MAYBE IT’S BECAUSE THEY’VE GOT ISSUES THEY NEED TO DEAL WITH, AND THAT BEING HATEFUL TO THEM IS NOT WHAT A GOOD PERSON SHOULD DO.

And that is why Gilda is best pony. Because she’s awesome and was totally wronged by the show in every way.

This is great.

We need an episode touching on this in Season 5. It’s way overdue.

Gosh, this is a long post…

Anyway, you are entirely within your rights to think Gilda is awesome, but I feel like you’re putting way more thought into this than you need to…

You make a lot of big assumptions, saying that the apple she stole “might have been her first meal in who knows how long” when there is no evidence to support that she’s starving in any way.

There’s also the key plot points that you left out. Pinkie Pie threw the party for Gilda to try and cheer her up, she never had any ill intent toward Gilda, even after she saw her tease and scare Fluttershy to the point of tears! Also, Gilda says near the start of the episode that she enjoys pranks, yet when she’s hit with all of the pranks that Rainbow Dash set up at the party (not even all intended for her), she lashes out at everyone there!

At the end of the day, My Little Pony is a kids show, and as such, I don’t think the writers for the episode had anything in mind for her other than that she was kind of a jerk. This post works under the assumption that Gilda is a misunderstood soul who hides her insecurities under a “too cool for school” facade. But do you really think a kid’s going to pick up on something like that?

There’s a reason she’s on the Antagonist poster. The show’s creators viewed her as an antagonist. They didn’t put as much thought into her character as you did.

But you don’t have to defend her actions and make assumptions in order to like a mean character. They can be your favorite character and a douche canoe at the same time!

I defend her BECAUSE the writers didn’t put any thought into her. Do you not see the relevance of them badly writing a boring mean character and accidentally making a person who actually exists? It highlights for me the way I was treated as a kid. I was dealing with so many problems that were ruining my life, but to the outside world I was “just a meanie” because I acted like her.

And yeah there are some assumptions made, stuff like the apple stealing isn’t really important to the point. stealing an apple doesn’t make you a villain, at worst it means you need to be taught a lesson. A LESSON ABOUT FRIENDSHIP.



Basically it was poor writing that was accidentally a far more honest portrayal of how people like that are treated in real life. They wanted to make a two dimensional jerk that everyone could hate. Instead they made a character that reminds me of myself and is a posterchild for several serious childhood developmental problems that are often ignored by the public. And then they showed her being treated exactly the way people like me were treated as kids, hated and isolated and prevented from ever getting the help we need or the social contact we desire.

So I agree, the writer’s didn’t put any thought into her, they probably knew a kid like her when they were young and just made a copy of them. And the fact that they made her an uncompromising villain in canon show just how little they must have understood that kid and why people like that act the ways they do.

And don’t be condescending to the show, they’re perfectly willing to cover very mature topics in very intelligent ways and teach lessons that are important to people of all ages. It just so happens that this particular lesson is fucked up and terrible to teach kids. “If someone you know is having problems, Fuck them, they’re evil, cut them out of your life and isolate them with their issues, after all, you can just find new better friends after you abandon your old busted one”

Fuck that noise, I will defend Gilda to the death. And that’s not to say she didn’t ACT like a douche, because she did. But I’ve been in that situation and I know EXACTLY what causes that kind of behavior and I believe that people should be helped and made whole instead of dismissed and  discarded the second they become a burden.

What the shit Tumblr app? Two posts not posted? Fuck you.


1) I couldn’t get back to sleep after my alarm went off at 6:30 because I’m too excited about my brother getting married later. This shift in my attitude towards marriage is both confusing and fun.

2) You know that meme about taking off your bra being the best feeling? I disagree. Possibly because I only buy bras that actually fit me properly and are therefore really comfortable, so Im ok to wear them all day long. But as soon as I get home my shoes are off and my sweatpants are ON (or no pants if it’s summer).

3) I woke up with a massive craving for porridge with banana and frozen berries so I made some, even though I don’t even like porridge. It’s fucking delightful.

4) Since I did my challenge yesterday I have sore muscles and that is very thrilling. Today will be harder but bring it the fuck on.